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A short Story about us

This 200-year-old colonial building originally served as an Ayurvedic hospital since it was first built in 1822. It has been handed down, generation after generation, through a long line of Ayurveda doctors and has been lucky enough to fall into the hands of two Australians.
This Dutch colonial style building is truly one of a kind. One look at it leaves you speechless, in saying that, its spooky, yet mysterious looks makes you wonder how many stories it would have to tell. This building was one of very few which survived the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

The Doctors House

The building retains its authenticity (as it would be madness to change any aspect of its heritage). There has been a focus on the landscaping surrounding The Doctor’s House, complementing the building’s origins. The Doctor’s House offers accommodation, a restaurant (with a wood-fired pizza oven), a bar, surfing lessons, board hire, yoga classes and much more. It is the ultimate hang out for people from all walks of life and the afternoon sunsets are amazing!


Madiha is best described as a vibrant and joyful coastal Sri Lankan town. One cannot overlook the simplicity yet pure beauty of this small pocket of the world. As secluded as it may seem, it is still no stranger to routine. Whether it’s the local women gathering in the early hours of the morning to make coconut string, or the morning rounds of the curd man selling fresh buffalo curd off his bicycle. Sunday beach days are also a must see! But one thing is for sure, it is the locals that make this a magical place. Every hour of the day offers something new to observe and appreciate here; there is never a dull moment.

Surf village neighbourhood

The neighbourhood is traditional Sri Lankan and the local people are welcoming. It is a popular little surf village, but without the abundance of tourists like neighbouring Mirissa. One of the best things about this area is that we are not on the busy Galle Rd and we don’t have a railway line near us (which is very unique when compared to a lot of other areas on the South Coast). There are a few hotels and restaurants nearby and the vibe is very chilled.

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